Doctors in China Come Together to Fight against the Violent Attacks by Frustrated Patients

Published By : 20 Jul 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Recently, close to 6 lakhs Chinese physicians and doctors signed a particular petition against rampant attacks on doctors by several frustrated and angry patients and also their kin. The main rationale behind such a step is to stop the violence against medical staff by the general public of China. This campaign gathered momentum soon after a doctor was bruised by one of her patients the Guangdong Province of south China. 

The police force in this area stated that the accused had was found guilty of having carried out such an act on a doctor from the Longmen County People’s Hospital. As per the information gathered by the police, the accused had been to this doctor for a checkup for the headaches that he was suffering from. However, the doctor referred him to the department for outpatients since the former was serving her duty hours. Seeing this, the patient (the accused) got very angry and injured her. There were knife injuries on her left arm and right hand. 

When asked by the police as to why he took such a dangerous step, the accused explained that he had hated the doctor for having given him medicines which according to him weren’t the right ones and were responsible for the headaches. There have been frequent attacks on medical staff which have led to several public outrages. 

In view of this, yesterday itself there were more than six lakh doctors who signed the petition to join this public campaign for stopping such attacks. The Provincial Commission of Health and Family Planning of the Guangdong Province has requested the hospitals operating in the area to cooperate and abide by the rules that will soon be laid down and implemented by the security departments of this area. 
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