Doctor Working to Bring Cheap Medical Devices to Gaza

Published By : 14 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A doctor working in the Palestinian region of Gaza has helped create a 3D printed stethoscope of mere 30 cents, which astonishingly beats even the US$ 200 worth device that is currently leading the market. 

Tarek Loubani has been heading the Glia project which is working on brining low cost medical devices to the Gaza strip. The emergency physician has been working at the Shifa hospital in the region for many years now. 

Loubani and his team of technology and medical experts developed the stethoscope and tested it with respect to the global standard benchmarks. The findings revealed that this device outperformed the Littmann Cardiology 3, which is considered to be of gold standard.

The Glia project came into being after the Israeli incursions into the Gaza strip sometime after 2012. Loubani and his team were short of life saving equipment at that time and were forced to place their ears to the chests of hundreds of wounded Gazans to listen to their heartbeats. 

After that time, the 3D printed stethoscope became a hit among hospital as well as field practitioners everywhere across the developing and modern world. These practitioners have tested the device in field as well as hospital theatres for the past six months. 

Speaking to the Chaos Communications Camp in Germany’s Zehdenick, Loubani said that he had to hold his ear to the victims’ chest because there was a severe dearth of good stethoscopes and that in itself was a travesty, a tragedy, and absolutely unacceptable. 

Loubani and his medical colleagues made a list of such devices which could be brought into Gaza as well as into any third world country that they were working in and be able to change the lives of their patients. Loubani wants the people he works with to take the device, print it, and make necessary changes for improvement.
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