Do we have a bend for foods that make a noise

Published By : 27 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

It is quite natural that foods such as carrots, chips or anything which cracks, snaps or have a sound while biting is more interesting. Flavor perception is not only about the aroma, but also sound and other things associated with the food.

A study suggests perceiving flavors of food are a multiple senses act. The study furthers the fact that flavor of any food is greatly related to its scent. A research study related to sound and flavor of food brings out, how the food sounds is significantly related to the experience of eating that food.

The human brain tries to understand the surroundings, says an expert from the research team. According to the study, sound is an important factor for taste of food even if it is not realized. The fact was supported from consumer view for the word ‘crisp’ in the research study. This was further supported by texture and crunch which consumers look for in bacon in addition to taste and smell.

The fizz which comes out of a soda can is clear example which shows the sound is a reason for bend towards the drink. The sound is significantly related to texture and quality as per the study. The cracking, snapping is wanted not only for hard foods, but for soft foods as well. It can be experienced in bananas, breads, puddings if sliced, plunged or bitten. The sound of food if commercialized could help the food industry grow significantly. This could further be enhanced with modifications in food which may help target the senior citizens market.
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