Disney’s Roboticists from its Research Division Releases New Robotic Arm

Published By : 30 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Disney’s research roboticists have just released a new robotic arm, which looks highly similar to the one showcased in Hero 6, Baymax. The company has produced this soft robotic arm, which is mainly like a prototype than an actual robot.

Highly Inspiring Robot Arm for the Future

Soft robotics is a highly burgeoning field in the robotics industry, and the latest puffy robot arm releases by Disney depicts the presence of several characteristics. The arm is clearly inspired from Baymax. It showcases an overstuffed style, which is further supplemented with delicate sausage fingers. An internal projector can depict the machine’s status, as well as other information to nearby people.

According to researchers and roboticists from Disney, their goal was to combine a robot arm and a hand system, which can physically interact with humans as well as gently manipulate objects. The researchers have further said in their scientific paper, that wherever human-robot interaction is expected, robots should be complaint and reactive, in order to avoid human injury and hardware damage.

The mechanical parts have been designed in a significantly simple manner; the design being highly ordinary. The arm mainly consists of an elbow and a wrist, and can move around the same way as other robot arms, by making use of a similar process that is seen in other robotic devices. Around the joints, large pillow type structures are present. Researchers have named these structures as force-sensing modules. These are filled with air and can also recognize the pressure, when it acts on the top surface of the module. In this way, natural tactile interaction can be easily facilitated with the help of this robot.

There researchers have particularly shed some light on how the robot senses contact over a large area of the robot, thus bringing forth factors such as being spatially aware along with high quality physical interactions.

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