Disney Files Patents for its Drone-related Air Show

Published By : 25 Aug 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Walt Disney Corporation has filed for 3 patents which are related to drone. This could result to an era of aerial movie screen and puppets which are larger-than-life that could appear flying through the sky.

Disney Enterprises Incorporated subsidiary suggests that it has proposed for the drone powered air shows which could serve as an alternative to spectacles like fireworks or large scale light shows, as noted from the applications for patents.

This filing for patents makes Disney join a list of other companies which are pressing for the U.S. government to permit the commercial use of small unmanned systems of flight which are associated for long with military and government surveillance.

However, the Federal Aviation Administration is still in the process of drafting rules which allows the commercial use of drones for everything right from TV news coverage to delivering package to monitoring crops.

Disney has published three patent applications on Aug 21st for aerial display systems with pixels floating. The floating projection screens are held aloft and are animated by the drones. These drones are pre-programmed and controlled from ground and monitor each other to be in a synchronized formation to prevent any aerial collisions in case of wind gusts.

For marionettes, the drones can carry a small character through the sky and simulate flight displayed in passages from films or books, according to the application for patent. The investors for all the 3 patents are listed; however, the company didn’t respond to a request to comment further.
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