Direct Phone Line to connect US and Cuba

Published By : 12 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

According to the Cuban state telecommunication company Etecsa, Cuba and U.S. have taken a step forward to re-establish a direct telephone link between the two one-time cold war foes. After 1999, it will be for the first time that these two nations will make direct calls without passing through any other third country. The re-establishment is expected to improve the infrastructure and quality of communication in both the countries. 

On December 17, it was announced that these two companies will renew diplomatic relations after 50 years of hostility.  The connection set up will be the first contract after the announcement. The communication link between the two countries has been interrupted and restored many a times since the Cuban Revolution in the year 1959, owing to the period when Fidel Castro came to power and started nationalizing all the American owned companies in the 1960s.

The connection was set up in February in a deal signed with IDT Domestic Telecom, a New Jersey based organization. Earlier, all the calls made between the two countries had to pass through another country which resulted in poor quality and expensive. Approximately two million Cuban-Americans reside in the United States and maximum families rely on telephonic communications to be in touch with friends and families. 

Etecsa has not yet announced the calling rates and further informed that the new connection will be only used for international voice call services initially and then eventually can expect other kinds of communications.

According to the announcement made by White House in December, the settlement with Havana will also include efforts to develop Cuban’s communication. After the announcement many American based companies are trying hard to enter the Cuban market.
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