Digital Twin Wind Farms Launched by GE

Published By : 26 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The firm GE Renewable Energy has issued the details of their new digital wind farm concept. According to the details, this farm would make wind energy production around 20 per cent more efficient. It will also create around US$100 million in extra value which is over the lifetime of a facility with capacity of 100 mega watts.

This concept from GE employs software which pairs a physical wind turbine which is located on real world farms with a digital twin that is located on a virtual wind farm based inside of a computer. The information is processed and sorted inside the internet cloud platform of GE called Predix. This gives engineers the power to personalize the performance of individual turbines.

According to the general manager, Keith Longtin who is working for the wind products at the firm GE Renewable Energy, each wind farm has a specific profile similar to a fingerprint or DNA. Longtin further states that they thought that they would have been able to capture the information from machines about how they would interact with the wind and the landscape. They could have build a digital twin for each of the wind farm along with utilizing the design for the most efficient turbine for individual pad on the wind farm and continue improving the whole system.

This new system from GE allows engineers to create a model of around 20 various turbine configurations. This depends on the required blade diameter, turbine output pole height along with the design perfect wind turbine according to the given site. This software can also enhance the performance for any kind of turbine, in spite of its size or manufacturer.
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