Digital Door Lock Systems: A Way to Respond to Digital Threats

Published By : 26 Apr 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Long gone are the days when thefts were commonly registered by people from across the globe. Today, with advanced digital door lock systems, thousands of people are able to avoid thefts. The emergence of digital workplace/home/office is the major reason behind the creation of digital door locks and relevant products. Digital door locks offer a secure and convenient alternative to the mechanical locks. With advancements in technology, leading players in the global digital door lock systems market are able to introduce various types of door lock systems such as keypad locks and biometrics. Keypad locks such as magnetic stripe locks, electric strike locks, and electromechanical door locks are increasingly adopted by people from across the globe. 

With biometric techniques such as face recognition, iris recognition, palm recognition, voice recognition, signature recognition, and fingerprint recognition, the nature of digital lock systems is expected to advance further. 

What would Drive Growth of Digital Door Lock Systems Market?

  • The increasing adoption of digital door lock systems by various end users such as residential, commercial, government, and industrial is expected to propel the global digital door lock systems market.  
  • Digital door locks offer managed security solutions to meet the needs of enhanced safety and security.
  • The growth of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) across the globe has led to the growing demand for digital door lock systems. 
  • A Large number of startups are expected to enter the global digital door lock systems market in the years to come.

At present, Europe comprises of many companies focusing on the introduction of new digital door lock systems. The increasing number of distribution channels for digital door lock systems is also predicted to propel the global digital door lock systems market in the years to come. Further, enhanced security needs of residents are expected to drive leading players to introduce enhanced digital door lock systems. 

Over the past few years, smart home applications have been in demand due to the increasing usage of tablets and smartphones. As residential security is the need of the hour, digital door lock systems have become an integral part of numerous smart home applications.  

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