Deteriorating Conditions Forces Kearny Branch of Postal Services to Shut Down

Published By : 20 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The postal services in the U.S. have been experiencing the huge drop and in addition the deteriorating conditions of the building have made the U.S. postal service in Kearny to shut down the service unit. The mentioned center is located at 257 Kearny Avenue and the other one in the town is considered as the main branch.

A spokesman for the Postal Service’s northeast region, George Flood stated that the organization has started with the shutting of administrative procedure of the smaller facility in Kearny. He also informed that they have not set any timeline for the shut down however; they are expecting all the procedures to be done in a couple of months. 

Flood further stated that they are calling the whole shutting down procedure as a complex issue as the building is in a very bad state and the postal service operates from the first floor of the building which have they leased.

Moreover, the Kearny branch has experienced a drastic fall of around 39% in the business as customers prefer to do all the postal services online. Along with that the customers have started buying all the postal stamps from local stores and carrying all the postal services from the main branch which is located on the Midland Avenue.

The branch has already moved all the post offices boxes from the Kearny branch to the main branch. The only employee who was working with the branch will be shifted to the main branch. The Mayor of Kearny, Al Santos has called this event as an unfortunate closure and is planning to submit a set of letters to federal official in order to protest the decision.
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