Despite Objections, US Army Forces Will Now Get a Separate Space Force

Published By : 19 Jun 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

It is definitely true that United States President Donald Trump has announced that the U.S. Armed Forces will be getting a new Space Force create within the same department.

More Insights into the Space Force Decision

The announcement was made at the third meeting of the White House’s newly reconvened Space Council. As per the President Trump, the country will soon get a Space Force, which will be separate but equivalent with the Air Force in most aspects. He added that this decision is highly important, and stressed on the need to execute required processes as soon as possible.

The idea regarding creation of a 6th armed force was first voiced out by Congressional leadership last year. However this idea about forming a new branch of military that could focus on space combat was highly opposed by Defense Secretary James Mattis. This is mainly because he thought that this will be a present a narrow and parochial approach to space operations. Such a negative approach was highly evident when the defense secretary wrote a letter Mike Turner, an Ohio Representative, who is one of the leaders behind the Space Force initiative.

After several months, the President came around on the same topic and is now directing the Department of Defense and Pentagon to begin processes that are necessary for establishing a space force as the sixth branch of Armed Forces. The House Armed Services Committee had begun to push the creation of space corps last year, as a part of the last spending authorization bill for military purposes.  The new military force will be included under the purview of the Air Force in the same Way that Marine works along with the Navy, as per the proposal. This proposal is expected to be managed at the highest levels of Trump administration.

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