Denver Plans to Build 300 new charging stations for Electric Vehicles

Published By : 17 Aug 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Denver is focusing on cutting down carbon emission by motivating its citizens to adopt to electric cars to minimize greenhouse pollution to achieve the terms of Paris climate agreement. On Wednesday, city officials asserted that they are planning to set up 300 charging stations around metro Denver to accelerate adoption of electric cars. This plan is expected to be completed in 2 years.

Increasing Number of Plug-in Vehicles Builds Confidence among Masses

City officials said that after heating and cooling commercial buildings, pollution caused from vehicles is the second largest source of greenhouse gasses in Denver. Shift from vehicles running on gasoline or diesel to charge batteries could help them to reduce the overall carbon emission. Four years ago, Colorado residents had 1,200 plug-in vehicles, whereas now, 10,000 plug-in vehicles have been registered. City officials said that currently plug-in vehicles are increasing by more that 40 percent annually, benefitting environment by reducing carbon emission.

Tyler Svitak, Project Chief at Denver Environmental Health electric vehicles said that without electric cars, it is very difficult to achieve environment goals set by our governments to sustain our climate. Market and consumers are embracing this initiative, making the goals achievable. Mayor Michael Hancock is focused and committed to help the Denver meet climate targets. He featured the initiative of motivating consumers to buy electric vehicles in his speech last month on Wednesday. He asserted that by the year 2050, city will reduce greenhouse gases emissions by 80%.  These movements being started by various governments is building confidence among people regarding sustaining environmental conditions.

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