Demand for Plastic Tubes on the Rise: 4 Prime Opportunities within Personal Care and Beauty Industry

Published By : 28 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Within the personal care industry, the squeezable plastic tubes grew by 4% in 2014 and from 2014 to 2019, the volumes of plastic tubes are poised to rise primarily owing to increasing sale of toothpaste in various emerging markets. This pack type will gain increased presence in the hair care and skin care market owing to increasing demand because of ease of application. The plastic tubes are poised to experience a high demand globally, Japan being an exception owing to its struggling and mature economy. 

The prime opportunities for plastic tubes within the beauty and personal care industry are as follows:

Massive Volume Gains within Oral Care: The demand for plastic tubes in the beauty and oral health industry is increasing owing to rising demand for toothpaste that comes packed in plastic tubes and constitutes 61% of the overall retail volumes. The future demand is primarily expected to come from Latin America and Asia owing to rising retail outlets in these two regions.

Size and Closure Innovation Responsible for Tube Success within Skin Care: Facial cleansers and moisturizers have become a part of consumers’ daily lives, especially in developing countries of Indonesia and India. The sales of plastic tubes will be fuelled by the rising demand from consumers in favor of packaging convenience coupled with ease of applying with the help of portable sizes of tubes.

Easy Product Application to Boost Demand for Plastic Tubes within Hair Care: The dispensing of conditioners, colorants, and shampoos also matters considerably and here plastic tubes are predicted to fare well by 2019. Latin America emerged as the most lucrative regions owing to increasing incomes of consumers within Brazil, thus enabling consumers to buy more hair care products here.

Promising Opportunities in Sun Care and Men’s Grooming: Plastic tubes are being highly demanded globally owing to their rising usage in various skin and beauty products. Likewise, men’s grooming and sun care will further augment the demand for plastic tubes as male-targeted products are being highly demanded in India while sun-protection products are on the rise within Americans.

Thus, plastic tubes will be experiencing an increased demand in the coming years owing to a wide range of opportunities still in line.

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