Demand for Packaged Food Items Drives Global Active Packaging Market

Published By : 11 May 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Active packaging is a new way of packaging food items to prolong its shelf lives by adding or removing specific liquids and gases from packets. Owing to this reason, the global food industry is proving to be the largest consumer of active packaging materials. The methods used for active packaging are oxygen scavenging, ethanol release, ethylene scavenging, water vapor removal, and carbon dioxide release. Addition of scavengers to packaging of fast moving consumer goods such as fresh farm produce absorbs the liquids and gases that lead to deterioration of food, thereby increasing its shelf life.

Growing Demand for Packaged Food Items to Drive Global Market
The primary growth driver for the global active packaging market is the growing demand for packaged food items. The increasing sale of ready-to-eat items propelling the growth of this market.  The biggest application segment in the overall market is the chopped and packaged fruits and vegetables as these items release gases that can be harmful to the food item.  

Nanomaterials and Bio Sensors to Offer New Growth Opportunities
The trend of using bio sensors and nanomaterials to detect detrimental gases in packaged food items is anticipated to offer new avenues for growth to the overall active packaging market in the near future. The only factor hampering the growth of this market is usage of sorbents in food packages, which is exceptionally expensive.

Asia Pacific to Emerge as a Leader due to Technological Advancements
Regionally, North America and Europe dominate the overall active packaging market. However, analysts predict that the active packaging market in Rest of the World and Asia Pacific is expected to do well due to increasing technological advancements.

The key players operating in the global active packaging market are Amelco Desiccants Inc, 3M, AstraZeneca, BASF SE, Accutech Packaging, Inc, and DuPont among others.

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