Demand for Gaming Peripherals Increases with New Features in Home Video Games

Published By : 07 Jun 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In the recent times, interactive gaming such as PC/Mac games has gained popularity, especially among the younger population. There are over 1 bn PC gamers across the globe. PC/Mac gamers can be broadly segmented into enthusiast gamers, casual gamers, and hardcore gamers. Hardcore gamers spend a large amount of their time on PC/Mac games and are the main target consumers in the global PC/Mac gaming peripheral market. These gamers are aware about the latest technological developments in the field of interactive gaming and look out for advanced gaming peripherals. Though enthusiast gamers take a keen interest in the games, they do not spend much of their time on these games like hardcore gamers. Casual gamers spend lesser time on PC/Mac games as compared to hardcore and enthusiast gamers. PC/Mac gaming peripherals include gamepads/ controllers, mice, external speakers, keyboards, headsets, and headphones. 

PlayStation’s Remote Play Feature Expands to Mac and PC

It is interesting to note that companies such as Sony and Microsoft are expanding the capabilities of their home video game console to PCs and Macs. Microsoft has introduced a remote gameplay feature for the Xbox One. This will allow Xbox games to be played with the help of a PC that has Windows 10 as OS. On the other hand, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has a Remote Play feature that will allow users to play games remotely through a PC or a Mac. Sony’s move can be seen as an effort to stay ahead in the gaming market. The feature introduced by Sony is more robust as it works remotely and with Macs. Microsoft’s Xbox game streaming feature needs a connection through a home network. Such developments will also support the growth of the global PC/Mac gamer and PC/Mac gaming peripheral market.

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