Defense Industry in Michigan Continues to Thrive

Published By : 13 Oct 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Due to its production of military equipment during World War II, Michigan has become famous as the arsenal of democracy. This trend continues to play a large part till today in the state’s economy and adds to America’s overall military prowess.

Last year, the state’s defense sector revenue generated around US$3.4 billion and financed over 50,000 jobs. This was over and above the 7,000 workers based at the Detroit Arsenal, which is a military facility funded by the Federal government in Warren.

Over 4,000 companies in Michigan have been approved as defense contraction. Also, 67 out of 83 countries hold a business that is a prime contract with the federal government. And there still seems to be room for more growth. Taking into account this fact and looking to make the most of it, the Economic Development Corp. at Michigan is already planning its move.

A two-pronged project is being carried out by the Procurement Technical Assistance Center and Defense Center in Michigan. According to the vice president of Defense Center, they are trying to remind people of the impact of the state’s defense sector not just in Michigan but throughout the country. The VP further stated that they will help companies win more defense contracts.

The Defense Center in Michigan has an annual budget of US$1 million in state funds. In addition to this, the Procurement Center receives US$1.2 million as state funds and an additional funding of US$1.9 million from the federal government. The VP also stated that Michigan contracts for defense projects supply a crucial percentage of military vehicles, weapons, and communication equipment.
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