Deepblu to Launch Newest Platform for Divers called Planet Deepblu

Published By : 04 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Deepblu has making a booking platform mainly for divers called Planet Deepblu, which is cheekily being called as the ‘Airbnb for diving’. This latest technological advancement from the Taipei-based startup is expected to become highly lucrative after it is launched.

More about Deepblu and its Booking Platform

The company is supported by Silverlink Capital and was founded in 2015 mainly to provide few options for divers through the mobile and cloud-based systems to make their trip successful. Previous products of Deepblu include a Bluetooth-enabled dive computer called COSMIQ, and a social network that could enable users to share dive logs.

However, after extensive utilization of both services, the company decided to integrate them, thereby giving rise to a booking platform. Over here, people can efficiently integrate dive logs, videos, reviews, and photographs, thus creating an ecosystem of diving trips. The essential USP of this service involves provision of a platform, wherein divers can directly communicate with dive operators, and not waste time by contacting agencies.

According to Tsuei, Deepblu’s CEO and co-founder, using the platform can make divers save up to 25% of an entire trip’s cost. The platform acts as a centralized database system. With more time available, the trip can be carried out in a highly streamlined manner.

The primary aim of launching this platform is to ensure that scuba diving significantly progresses all over the world, consequently getting a lot of attention and prominence. He further explains how diving is expected to become a multimillion dollar industry, especially with extensive spending done by drivers on equipment and certification, along with diving fees charged by instructors. In the long run, Deepblu is expected to start another platform, which can possibly act as a ‘LinkedIn for divers’. The company also aims to expand its reach towards younger divers, especially in Southeast Asia and China.

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