Dedicated Telecommunications Network to be Built in Singapore for Public Sector

Published By : 02 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The government of Singapore is planning to construct a telecommunications network that is dedicated exclusively to use by the public sector and to assist the smart nation rollouts of the country.

In what sounds to be a huge project, the new infrastructure will offer connectivity and integrity for thousands of sensors that is to be launched by different government agencies to capture and gather data for several applications around urban mobility, continuity, and enhancing sensing and conditional awareness. These consist of surveillance cameras to capture delinquent litterbugs as well as the observing of floods through sensors installed in drains.

The change comes as a shock since the government of Singapore had earlier depended on connectivity offered by local telecom companies.

A tender has been asked from contractors to design and launched the IP network that will also have the capability to broadcast mobile signals, as stated in a report on Monday by local newspaper, The Straits Times, stating tender documents. The tender will shut on Feb 10, 2015.

The report stated that IDA will determine and certify the telecom operators, who are responsible for running the infrastructure in support of the government. No details were given on how much the project was expected to cost.

An IDA spokesperson stated in the report that Singapore has become a smart country. They see new regions and opportunities for the government to do more to help, develop, and construct a common infrastructure to support the installation of smart nation applications. It is crucial for the government to own major components of the IP core to make sure that this platform is safe and trusted to safeguard potential sensitive information utilized across various government agencies.
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