Dearth in Clean Tap Water to Augment Sale of Bottled Water, Boosting Market Growth

Published By : 27 Apr 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The global bottled water market is predicted to rise exponentially owing to the increasing health and wellness concerns in individuals which result in new packaging initiatives by a number of manufacturers operating in the market for bottled water, hence boosting market growth. Bottled water is amongst the most largely sold commercial beverage. The increasing concerns of individuals over the ill-effects of carbonated beverages and the availability of new flavors within functional water have also resulted in the increased demand for bottled water. In addition, the ease of portability of clean and pure water within a water bottle has also resulted in the increased demand for bottled water.

  • Bottled Water Taking over Soft Drinks Sale: A number of soft drink companies are experiencing a downfall in their sales of sugary drinks as a number of people have become more health conscious and have started to prefer bottled water products such as flavored or still water. The increasing occurrence of diabetes and obesity amongst adults as well as children has also reduced the sales of sugary beverages and other soft drinks.
  • Dearth in Clean Tap Water to Augment Sale of Bottled Water: The major geographical segments in which the sale of water bottled is high include Mexico, India, China, and others. This is owing to the increasing scarcity of pure and clean water globally. The increasing water pollution and a number of other factors result in polluted water in a number of regions which is unfit for human consumption, hence boosting the growth of the market for bottled water. 
  • Increasing Packaging Initiative and Utilization of Non-Toxic Materials: In addition, owing to the hectic lifestyles of individuals, easy to carry and on the go water is preferred and bottled water meets these demands of individuals. Furthermore, a number of manufacturers are taking steps to introduce new improved and attractive packaging for bottled water, which in turn fuels the growth of the overall industry. In addition, the launch of economical and innovative equipment in case of small bottling operations will also bring in new opportunities in the market. Top manufacturers have started to utilize non-toxic raw materials for the packaging of bottled water, which also fuels the demand for water bottled globally.

On the other hand, factors such as the increasing environmental impact and the increasing chances of leaching in water may impede the growth of the market in forthcoming years. 

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