Dean Foods Consolidates Regional Brands under Single Label

Published By : 04 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Dean Foods, the biggest milk producer in the United States, is unifying its multiple regional brand names under a single label DairyPure. A national television and print campaign was launched on Monday, stated the Wall Street Journal and

The launch is targeted to keep up with the shift of the US consumers towards foods that are considered to be more natural and manufactured closer to home, reported Ilan Brat of the Wall Street Journal. The new campaign by Dean suggests that DairyPure ships its products just within hours and is fresh from the local dairy. These products are reportedly tested to make sure they are free from antibiotics and they come from cows that are free from any growth hormones. 

Jane Wells of CNBC reports that Dean will eventually become a US$2.5 billion brand and this will make it one of the topmost consumer packaged product lines in the United States. Jane Wells also pointed out that this is a unique branding experiment and it will bring together the DairyPure name and the local name on all regional advertising platforms and labels. 

The core spot of the campaign is centered around a herd of teenage talking cows and uses humor to portray a message of health and quality. The ad says: Starts pure, stays pure, DairyPure. 

Ralph Scozzafava, the chief commercial officer of Dean Foods tells Wells that this category is one that needs immense innovation and news. He further states that having a singular consolidated brand name is beneficial in grocery store merchandising as well. With one brand to take care of, one UPC code to run, and the chance to partner with other categories, Ralph Scozzafava says this is the perfect way to expand. 
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