Daimler to Focus on Fuel Efficient Engines Via Enhancing the Productive Capacity of the German Facility

Published By : 20 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In the forthcoming years, Daimler will be investing several billion Euros in order to upgrade and improve a key facility with a view towards the rising demand for assembly of powertrains that are fuel efficient. The amount that the company plans on investing is close to US$1.06 billion in the current year with plans of modernizing the plant which is situated in Untertuerkheim, located in Stuttgart. This factory is engaged in manufacturing axles, transmissions, and engines for Mercedes Benz. With a workforce of 18,700 people several leading labor representatives are taking steps towards maintaining the stability in the facility. This will lead to cost effectiveness if carried out as per plans. 

A senior official of the productions segment at Mercedes Benz stated that the company is making efforts towards enhancing efficiency and flexibility of the plant. The technology that is incorporated here dates back to more than a century of a technologically advanced location for using CO2 technologies. As per Daimler, the Untertuerkheim facility will become the focal point for hybrid powertrains, engines that are fuel efficient and systems that use fuel cells. The plant in Nabern will become operational from June 1 2015. 

Nabern is situated close to Stuttgart, and this facility will mainly deal with assembly operations of fuel cell systems. Also, this place will be the point of competence in the holistic development and innovation of fuel cell systems. This Untertuerkheim facility will be making additions to the engine portfolio by the introduction of 4-cylinder diesel and gasoline engines. Also, the main area of focus will be the manufacturing of innovative automatic transmissions that will be used for vehicles of rear wheel drive. 
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