Daikin takes HVAC Technology to Houston Residential Project

Published By : 21 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The acquisition of Goodman Global Group of Houston was small take over by Daikin Industries Ltd. The Japanese air-conditioning company had small presence in U.S. in 2012.

Since the Japanese company acquired the American company at US$3.7 billion, the Japanese air-conditioning maker has been expanding presence in the market. Daikin North America along with its brand Amana and Goodman hope to be the number 1 in U.S. for residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC needs.

Daikin partnered with Direct Expansion of Austin for selling, marketing, branding, training, and installation of Daikin’s high-end refrigeration volume. The “VRV” marked heating and air-conditioning units have been in the world for around 30 years, but it is only recently they were introduced in the American market. Almost 60% of the HVAC market in the world uses “VRV’ technology.

The VRV technology has the advantage of 30% being more energy efficient as the technology uses different refrigeration levels for condition of specific rooms. The technology does not heat or cools entire building at the same time. 

The VRV run units, generally have a smaller footprint, quieter to run, and less expensive than conventional chilling systems. The units also use special refrigerant that does not affect the ozone layer. The technology has been received well and is expected to have a good market in future. 

The company has plans to carry over 400 Daikin HVAC projects in the year. Before this, DXS has been able to sell and install 30,000 tons worth of Daikin products.
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