CVS Health Corp Completed Acquisition of Aetna Inc.

Published By : 29 Nov 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

One of the prominent players in the healthcare sectors, CVS Health Corp acquired Aetna Inc. This acquisition will lead to making the CVS health Corp to be the one of healthcare giants. As this acquisition combines the separate area of business such as CVS’s pharmacies with Aetna’s insurance business, with hopes of lowering costs. The acquisition was announced year before. Since then, both the companies were completing their acquisition processes.

CVS has been one of largest benefit gainer due to their business of CVS Caremark and Medicare Part D plan sponsored by SilverScript unit.

The deal valued Aetna at US$212 per share, or roughly, US$70 bn or US$69 bn. CVS will integrate Aetna and start trying to focus on the three main priorities such as healthcare availability and accessibility coupled with simplifying access. These initiatives will helps for lowering the cost of insurance and healthcare.

Advantages of Acquisition to CVS Health Corp

Through the acquisition, the company is expecting to save more than US$750 mn within two years. In addition, it will start a trend of new data-driven healthcare model, which is personalized for patients’ needs and improves the user experience.

This acquisition was completed on Wednesday, 29 November 2018, which has boosted the excitement and energy in both the companies. The consumers will not notice anything different but CVS plans to start testing by adding health services. The company will add the locations for testing and is increasing accessibility of insurance for medications on managing chronic conditions. Earlier, CVS was able to encourage the state regulators to approve the acquisition.

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