CTM Introduces Commercial 4G LTE Network

Published By : 27 Nov 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

China Telecom Macau introduced its commercial 4G LTE network on Nov. 26th, 2015 for its customers. It also includes its ‘One Card Two Numbers’ SIM service subscribers based in Macau-China.

Two other prominent LTE network operators in Macau, Cellco and SmarTone have claimed that CTM’s LTE network had a 95% of outdoor coverage of the Special Administrative Region at its launch. Earlier, the company had pledged for around 70% coverage by the end 0f 2015.

The government of Macau has asked all licensees of the 4G network to achieve a ‘100%’ coverage by 2016.

Mr. Samuel Chan, the assistant general manager at China Telecom’s Macau wing, has stated that the new 4G service is likely to draw more high-end consumers. They will be observing the inclination of the market in order to make plans that can pull in more users. The company expects LTE to exert a positive impact on the average revenue per user of the firm.

The firm, however, came under pressure by the soaring operating costs. It happened primarily because of the heavy costs associated with leased lines together with the CAPEX involved, added Mr. Chan.

CTM is the dominant fixed network provider in Macau. MTel is its only licensed opponent in the leased line market. However, MTel is still in the process to expand its underground fiber network all over Macau. Mr. Chan also said that they have the access to leased lines from both MTel and CTM, but as CTM has a wider band, more of the lines they have leased are from CTM.

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