CSIRO Opens the Gate of its 3D Printing Center on Monday!

Published By : 25 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

CSIRO recently has declared its plans of opening a new innovation center. The operations of this unit will be dedicated to accelerate the adoption of 3D metal printing and other additive manufacturing technologies in the industry. 


The center will worth US$6 million and will be known by the name of Lab 22. The operations of the facility will be aimed at providing the companies located in Australia with affordable access to specialized manufacturing expertise and equipment. 


Service and expertise offered by the company will help in reducing the risk related to the capital investment. To attain this, the facility will allow companies to try before making their final purchase. CSIRO is hoping the center will play a crucial role in helping small businesses overcoming the barriers and cost restraints of adopting 3D printing technology. 


Alex Kingsbury, who is the research leader of the CSIRO additive manufacturing speaking about the new technology, said that the advanced equipment is generally available in a range of US$1 million which is rather impossible small amount for small to medium-sized business to afford. Moreover, even if the amount is somehow manageable, none of these small sized companies will risk such a huge investment on an emerging technology. 


Therefore, the company is providing a unique opportunity to the companies located in Australia to gain access to the some of the industry-leading advanced equipment with the assistance of CSIRO’s technology experts. The technology will be available to these companies at a comparatively low daily fee. 


Keech3D and Made for Me were two of the Australian countries operating in the 3D printing service markets to have used the centre’s space for the first time. These companies invested on accessing the new technology to expand their horizon in the 3D printing services.

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