Cox to Undertake Healthcare Digitization Project

Published By : 19 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Medicine and healthcare is a dynamic sector, with constant scope for improvement in precision and security. Digitization of this crucial is thus the logical next step in the development of this field. One such novel project is about to be undertaken in the U.S.

Cox Communications Inc [COXC.UL], one of the largest Broadband and cable TV provider, will announce that a venture into developing in-home healthcare services is being launched by the partnership. The announcement, expected to be made Thursday, signals the entering of Cox into a market that is set to benefit massively from the digitization of healthcare. The Cleveland Clinic, the famous research and medical center based in Ohio, will offer medical expertise to help create new services that help digitize patient-doctor communications.

The plan is to developing an environment where medical monitoring and treatment is performed increasingly without the need to visit a doctor. Methods to achieve this target include use of equipment in homes to monitor and manage recovery from surgery and video consultations via broadband, Cox executives said. That could cut down on costly and time-consuming personal visits to healthcare practitioners.

The joint venture is based in Atlanta and will be called Vivre Health. It is designed to help Cox expand into healthcare services beyond its current portfolio, which includes popular services like providing broadband for hospitals.

Cox made an investment in HealthSpot, a supplier of handy, portable kiosks where patients can interact with doctors through videoconferencing and undergo medical testing with various types of diagnostic medical equipment. The healthcare kiosks are in the middle of testing in several states through numerous channels.

Cable TV providers such as Cox are seeking to receive revenue from hitherto unexplored areas such as healthcare and home security, as the market for TVs and related services is close to maturation in the U.S.
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