Covalon Technologies to Launch Antimicrobial Silicon Adhesive Wound Dressings

Published By : 21 Jan 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Advanced wound dressings are gaining increased adoption by medical practitioners owing to the availability of a wide range of novel and improved wound care products. Rapid increase in geriatric population across the globe, coupled with surge in chronic diseases has augmented the growth of the global wound dressings market. Wound dressings lead to faster healing time and hence, favoured among ICU and emergency care staffs. Increasing patient awareness and rise in healthcare expenditure have further propelled the growth of the market. High cost and unfavourable reimbursement policies might hamper the demand for the advanced wound dressings.

Among traditional wound dressings, basic wound care products have been in high demand. The sales of sterile cotton and cotton gauze have been the highest in 2013. However, in the near future, the demand for anti-infective dressings is projected to surge with medical practitioners preferring iodine-based dressings and plant-based antiseptic dressings. These dressings are meant for chronic wounds and skin ulcer complications. Advanced wound dressings have been further segmented into foams, films, hydrofiber, hydrogels, collagen, alginates, and hydrocolloids. The demand for foams has been the highest in the market due to their easy availability and versatility in terms of applications. 

The key players in the global wound dressings market are focussing on the development of advanced wound care products as they are expected to define the future outlook of the market. Covalon Technologies Ltd., an advanced medical technologies company, has introduced dual, antimicrobial silicone adhesive surgical wound dressings under the patent name of IV Clear and SurgiClear. Further, the company has also developed ColActive Plus Ag, a patented Biomatrix wound dressing. With these advanced wound dressings products aimed at infection control and faster healing, the growth of the global wound dressings market is expected to be exponential in the coming years.

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