Couple in the tyre firm retires and sets new era for industry

Published By : 27 Jun 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

George Meakin and Billy Swinney a couple that have a well-established name and business named AlnwickTyresin the motor industry are celebrating their retirement phase as they wish their new owners all the success to carry out their business status henceforth.

They have handed the keys over to the brothers George and Dave Meakin. The company was founded by Billy and his very good friend, MattyHolborn in 1988. Their main aim was to provide competitive prices and brands of all kinds of tyres. Unfortunately with Matty’s death in 1996, Pat and Billy decided to continue their business and build their success in the longer run. 

Billy at this age of 68 wants to heartily thank all the people who have shown support and given the opportunity to them for years of success of AlnwickTyres. 

Billy wishes all the hope and success to George, Dave, and all the guys at AlnwickTyresto offer best products and maintain the safety on roads. Dave and George have more than 20 years of experience as autonomous tyre retailers and tyre industry well. They also own the Border Tyres in both Dunbar and Berwick. 

They plan to run the business with the existing fitters and services on offer at the South Road-based business including mobile fitting, tyre repair, wheel alignment, batteries, brakes, exhausts and motorbike-tyre fitting.

Dave added that the business will run exactly the same way it has been before. It will just be with different guys managing the business. He also said that he has known Billy for years and the business is quite similar to Border Tyres. This point also helps the business in the east-coast coverage.
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