Costa Ricas Dos Pinos Cooperative to Export 100 Dairy Product Containers A Month to China by 2014

Published By : 28 Nov 2013 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Costa Rica\'s Dos Pinos cooperative is all set to export as many as 100 containers of dairy products a month to China by 2014. This is being considered as one of the biggest export opportunities for the country, after it successfully reached compliance of sanitary protocols that are mandatory for export to China. In its capacity as the country\'s largest dairy producer, Dos Pinos is set to harness the maximum potential from the opportunity. Thus far, the dairy cooperative has shipped to China over 42 tons of milk and cream estimated at USD 40,000, as per figures furnished by the Foreign Trade Promotion Office.

Gloria Abraham, Costa Rica\'s Minister of Agriculture and Livestock said that this export opportunity is a significant development as the Dos Pinos cooperative stands for over 90% of the country\'s milk production. Over the past few months, Costa Rican authorities have worked closely with their Chinese counterparts to gain compliance by obtaining the required licenses and permits. With the completion of this crucial step, Costa Rica was able to send its first dairy products shipment to China in August 2013.

The initial exports were limited to around two or three milk containers that are eventually poised to reach around 100 over the next couple of months. According to Abraham, this noteworthy jump in exports is a direct indicator of China\'s favorable acceptance of Costa Rica\'s dairy products.

And, it\'s not just milk exports that have received the necessary licenses. Other livestock products such as pork, fishmeal, cowhide, and beef have been licensed for export to China. Costa Rica is now looking at further broadening this export opportunity to include products such as fruits and juices.

In view of the potential business development opportunities, Dos Pinos participated in the 7th edition of the China-Latin America and the Caribbean Business Summit at San Jose, held on November 26 and 27.
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