Costa Rica Making Use of Renewable Energy and Zero Burning of Fossil Fuel

Published By : 24 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

For the past 75 days, the economy of Costa Rica has been surviving on non-conventional energy sources, and has not burnt any fossil fuel. Much of this can be attributed to the degree of rainfall that took place in the country this year, which has given a major boost to the hydropower segment. This has in fact, led to generation of electricity for the entire nation. 

Interestingly, Costa Rica as of now doesn’t need even a bit of petroleum or coal for electricity generation, since wind, solar, and geothermal energy sources seem to be serving the purpose. The country has come up with ways of generating power from renewable energy sources. This has been possible because of a lot of factors in favor of the country. Being a rather small country, having a population that doesn’t go beyond 5 million, its manufacturing sector is not that big that calls for a huge energy supply. Costa Rica has several topographical characteristics and volcanic features that serve as sources of renewable and clean energy.

But still, it is a significant achievement for a country to have been able to use renewable energy to such an extent that completely does away with the need for burning fossil fuels. Apart from Costa Rica, another island country located off the Venezuelan coast called Bonaire thrives almost completely on renewable energy. It is also anticipated that this Dutch island country will soon reach a milestone via the usage of a rather unusual energy source – algae.

Driven by the Chinese economy, the overall expenditure on renewable energy is going as per plans as regards the 1st yearly gain in almost three years. However, it is not expected to last for a very long time. Almost 85% of the overall power generation in Iceland comes from hydropower and geothermal sources. 
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