Cost of Food Soar in Ukraine (Donetsk) as the Supply Declines

Published By : 24 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The city of Donetsk despite being an ostensibly under a type of siege, this pro-Russian rebel capital place is a long way from starving.

With the hryvnia continues to lose in its value and the Ukrainian checkpoints of army are restricting entry to Donetsk, where people are struggling with the already fast rising prices for even most of these basic foodstuffs.

The shelves from this city’s supermarket are still far from being empty. However, in certain section especially the dairy aisles, it can be noticed that the products have been stacked carefully to the front to disguise a thinness of stock, where it showed a lack of variety.

Many people here are pegging for a tangible scarcity of certain goods and there has been spike in prices which the government of Ukraine has introduced strict controls over traffic entering and also leaving this rebel-controlled territory. Also, these new rules were introduced in January, which needs drivers to acquire a specific pass to cross these front lines.

Shopkeepers in this city are blaming what they refer to as blockade for everything where there is spike in the price of the apples over a dearth of cat litter in pet shops.

Also, there is another even more fundamental issue which is feeding to inflation and it is not specific to the conflict zone. According to the Ukraine’s national currency, the place has lost around 67 per cent of its value which was against the dollar in the past 1 year which has made the world’s worst performing currency and let this slashing the ordinary purchasing power of the people in this region.
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