Consumption of Sweetened Beverages in India on the Rise

Published By : 13 Jul 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The consumption of sugary beverages such as energy drinks has gone up in India, a trend that has been responsible for an alarming number of disabilities and deaths across the globe. The yearly per capita consumption of beverages sweetened by sugar has grown from 2 liters in 1998 to an astounding 11 liters in 2014, according to the Center of Nutrition and Metabolic Research and the Diabetes Foundation.

The Indian study has assumed significance following a recent international study published in the Circulation journal. The global study indicates that an estimated 184,000 adult deaths each year are caused by the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages such as fruit drinks, sodas, sweetened iced teas, and sports or energy drinks. 

Apart from these, the Indian population is also known to consume sweetened buttermilk, milkshakes, and lassi, which are all high in glycemic load and calories, according to the Indian study.

Estimates, however, showed that the consumption of traditional sweets and sweeteners has declined over the years. The per capita intake of traditional sweeteners such as khandsari and jaggery has slipped from 8.72 kg per year in 2001 to an estimated 5 kg per year a decade later.

A study by the Diabetes Foundation shows that the increase in per capita consumption of sweetened beverages in India can be attributed to the easy availability of packaged sugary drinks such as colas in urban as well as rural areas. The consumption habits of children have changed rapidly in the country. Sugar sweetened drinks and other high calorie foods containing sugar are easily available around and within the school premises, the study added.

The global study indicated that rising consumption of sugar sweetened beverages was resulting in complex lifestyle disorders such as heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer, thereby resulting in a higher number of deaths. 
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