Construction, Worker Shortage on the Rise in US

Published By : 26 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Construction of commercial buildings and homes in the United States is on the rise at a significant pace this year. However, had it not been for a severe shortage of manpower, the overall industry would have been sizzling, according to industry officials. 

The shortage of labor is leading to a delay in projects, increasing prices of homes, and causing companies to refuse work, which as a result, curbs building activity and restricts overall economic growth. 

Shortage in spot labor began back three years ago as new construction projects began to come to life after the real estate crash of 2000. However, the manpower shortage has spread across most parts of the United States and has become even intensified this year owing to a strong recovery of the commercial as well as residential building sector.

Chief executive officer of the National Association of Home Builders Jerry Howard said that he would go ahead and call the current situation an epidemic. 

Almost 70 per cent of home builders surveyed by a team of associates from the National Association of Home Builders in June reported a scarcity of carpenters for instance, which has grown from 63 per cent the previous year. In a survey conducted in July by Associated General Contractors reveals that a whopping 86 per cent of commercial builders admitted that they have been struggling with filling salaried and/or hourly positions, which has gone up from 83 per cent a year ago.

A number of construction workers quit the industry at the time of the downturn in order to become factory workers, truck drivers, or roughnecks in the oil industry, which was flourishing at that point in time. Most of those workers have not returned even though there has been a spike in building activity, Jerry Howard of the National Association of Home Builders said. 
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