Construction of the World’s Largest Radio Telescope Nears Completion, China Begins Testing

Published By : 24 Nov 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The largest radio telescope in the world, which measures 500 meters in diameter is in the final stages of its completion and will undergo dry run put through several paces. 

The telescope which has been named FAST, stands for ‘Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope’, and is being constructed in the Guizhou Province, which lies in South-west China, as stated by the People’s Daily Online.

It took more than five years for China to construct the biggest radio telescope of the world, with a single-aperture. The telescope which is the size of as many as 30 football pitches and the current work is going as per schedule. The last stages of the construction was carried out last week, with scientists hoping for a September 2016 completion.

Chinese authorities and engineers carried out the testing of a key component in the interior of the massive telescope, before it receives the green signal to go live for an indefinite period of time. Over the last weekend, the retina was installed successfully and tested in the telescope. The mechanism of the radio telescope involves weight of 30,000 kilograms and will be suspended 160 meters above the reflecting dish, which is yet to be completed.

The China Daily divulged details of the reflector dish that it will gather signals across the universe.

The telescope’s body was first proposed in 2003 and is gigantic which measures 500 meters across. The time taken to walk around the device will be 40 minutes. 

The device’s enormous dish is made up of more than 4,500 triangular panels and the side panels of the device measure 11 meters long. The motion of the panels will alter the collective shape of the receiving antenna. The new antenna in the device has the capability to reflect radio signals from the universe to a focal point, the location of the receiver dome.

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