Construction of Rio Plant only 40 Days Away from Completion

Published By : 30 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The construction of the much hyped project of Rio Ammunition Plant located at Marshall Business Park is only 40 days away from completion, as reported by officials from MEDCO on Wednesday. 

Hal Cornish, the treasurer of MEDCO’s board, said in a recent interview that the construction of Rio Ammunition Plant is by far the most ambitious and challenging project that MEDCO has taken up in the recent times. The facility will be an international shotgun shell manufacturing facility that mounts more pressure on MEDCO to deliver results in the best of their abilities. 

Mr. Cornish said that the staffs and the board members were both proud and happy to see the project progress as per their set targets. He added that it was a very busy year for MEDCO staffs and board, since they were all focused to maintain the timeliness for the completion of the project. According to Mr. Cornish the executives from Rio’s plant in Spain were also pleased with the construction of the local facility, which will eventually be Rio’s headquarters in the United States. 

Mr. Cornish further added that on their recent visit to the construction site, the Rio Spanish People were very glad about the progress and they thought that it was pretty impressive. MEDCO officials are in fact expecting significant growth beyond what they have promised to deliver hence, the project is going to register a milestone success for Marshall and for MEDCO. 

Mr. Cornish said that they were only 40 days away from completing the construction of the facility. According to him, there are only meager chances for incurring cost out of budget with the few days left for the completion of the project. He went on to thank Donna Maisel, the Executive Director of MEDCO and Danny Kirkland, Director of Business Services for the support they extended to the ambitious project. 
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