Construction of Beijings Second International Airport to Complete by 2018

Published By : 14 May 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Beijing is all set to welcome its new airport sometime near the end of 2018 in the outskirts of the city to manage the ever-increasing congestion on its air travel route, currently noted to be the second busiest air-routes throughout the world. 

The new airport, planned to open till end of 2018, is to have four runways in the first phase of its development and contribute to handling nearly as many passengers as currently city’s other airport, Beijing Capital Airport, handles.

Ongoing developmental plans include addition of three more runways to the airport, according to an environmental impact report published by the Environmental Protection ministry of China. 

For many decades, Beijing Capital Airport has been the prime route for connecting China with the rest of the world and the connecting route between major Chinese cities. As the number of air travelers continues to rise every year, Beijing is expected to continue to serve its task of its being the major hub for international air-travel. 

Beijing Capital Airport has already sought many ways to handle the ever increasing surge of travelers visiting its base, such as the inclusion of one of the world’s biggest passenger terminal complex, for instance, but little benefits have been reaped.

Only the last year, some 83.7 million passengers paid visit to the Beijing Capital Airport, thus making it the second busiest airport in the world after Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport, US. This number weighed well beyond the designed capacity of the airport – 76 millions. 

Experts estimate that as many as 142 million passengers will travel by the Beijing airway by 2020 and that the passenger traffic on this route will rise nearly four times of the current density being experienced by this route.  

Conditions like these make this addition to the country’s infrastructure but a necessity to the country as well as many other that connect to the world through this route.
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