Construction of a New R&D Center to Begin in Osaka

Published By : 23 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Ube Industries, the leading chemical company in Japan is all set to commence the construction of a new research and development facility in Sakai City at Osaka Prefecture in Japan. The facility scheduled for completion by July 2016 will be built within the Sakai Factory. The focus of the new facility will remain on the research and development (R&D) for specialty products. 

The proposed R&D facility will be built close to the Ube’s manufacturing facility engaged in the production of battery materials and many other specialty products. Apart from Japan, Ube Industries also has its manufacturing facilities established in China and Yamaguchi. 

Prior to this, Ube Industries had two Research and Development facilities operational in the Osaka area, which includes a process development within the Sakai Factory that functioned from 1967 to 1992, and the other R&D facility was located at Hirataka City that operated between 19061 and 1995. 

With the construction of this new facility, R&D facility marked its return in Osaka after a gap of more than twenty years. Sources from the company stated, with the beginning of operation in the new facility, the company would focus more to capitalize on new techniques in order to generate desired results. 

A range of different technologies will be covered by the new research and development facility in Osaka. The technologies will mainly focus on processing, battery materials’ production, automotive components, production of electronic materials and many others. 

At its initial stage, the new facility will have 50 employees whose jobs would focus on battery materials. In the near future the factory intends to employ another 200 people and integrate more research and development departments that will relate to other specialty products as well. The departments will be set up adjacent to the test production facilities. 
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