Construction Industry Leader in Hong Kong Work toward Improving Construction Regulations

Published By : 12 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

After the recent discovery of lead in water supplies of many public housing estates, several local construction industry leaders working in tandem with the government to improve the regulations for inspecting the building materials. President of the Institute of Architects, Vincent Ng Wing-shun stated, he along with other members working the same sector are trying to make the current regulations stringent for present and future residential construction projects.

The worries over poor regulation and inspection of construction projects comes after Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying announced the increased levels lead were found in the water supply at Kai Ching Estate, in Kowloon City. The seepage of lead must have come from banned, lead-containing soldering material that is used for joining pipes in construction of the estate. However, elevated levels of lead were also found in other estates. Vincent Ng Wing-shun said that materials will be sampled for testing in laboratory to determine whether they contain lead. 

Though there were different contractors working on the same construction, Ng believes the real problem lies in poor inspection norms set by the government. The checklist made by the government for inspecting constructions does not include inspection for lead. 

Though the Water Supplies Department alerted the plumbers in the last month about the necessary checks they must conduct for heavy metals and lead contents in newly installed water systems, Ng insists that the pipes must be checked earlier and directly. 

To make the water supply safer Ng is banning the usage of joint materials. He said it is a quicker solution He said this will solve the problem at the root cause. 
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