Construction Close Down at Berlins Airport

Published By : 22 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The construction work on Berlin’s new airport has come to a halt, reported German authorities earlier on Monday. They ordered an instant halt to construction work on the long-delayed and troubled new airport in Berlin. This was due to the possibility of having structural flaws in the terminal roof.  

According to this latest bad news that hit the Berlin airport project poses risks for the future. This delays its opening, which was initially planned for 2012, but repeatedly delayed. The decided date now is for late 2017. 

The recent problem with the construction activities at the airport states basic construction flaws in the roof of the airport. This problem was discovered as one of the most recent issues on the airport construction. Moreover, the ventilators built into the roof were constructed in a heavy manner. This only meant the overall structure was a soaring disaster. The heavy construction also exceeded the approved weight limit by a substantial amount.   

The local building authority responsible for the construction said it had informed the firm to curb the construction and various building work activities for the area designed underneath the entire terminal roof of the Berlin airport project airport. The activities were asked to be on hold until things were confirmed by engineers in terms of security. 

The planning disaster was a running joke for many Germans as well as their reputation were at stake. This also affected their efficiency and punctuality. After several delays and serious technical flaws in the fire safety and smoke extraction system, the officials at least hope to open BER in the coming two years.

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