Constant Efforts from Civic Authorities to Expand Availability of Safe Drinking Water to Propel Global Water Purifier Market

Published By : 31 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Drinking safe and clean water is important to avoid any water-borne diseases. Contaminated water usually carries harmful bacteria that can affect the health badly. The governments of various nations are taking efforts in providing clean drinking water to the households. In many countries, due to various reasons, the quality of drinking water is compromised, due to which, thousands of people fall ill every year. The increasing need to make clean drinking water available, advancements in water purification technologies, the increasing number of water-borne diseases, and the need to reduce wastewater releases are some of the factors expected to boost the global water purifier market in the years to come. 

Water purifiers are designed to produce clean and safe drinking water. Apart from this, the water purifiers are commonly used in various applications such as medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and industrial. Some of the common water purification methods are filtration, sedimentation, activated carbon, distillation, chlorination, and use of electromagnetic radiation. Water purification helps to reduce the concentration of various particles such as bacteria, suspended solids, algae, viruses, and parasites. Quality standards for drinking water are established by international and domestic governments. The standards usually include maximum and minimum concentration of contaminants, which depends on the exact purpose of using the water. 

The rapid growth of the population has led to a large amount of water pollution, especially in urban areas where the population growth rate is higher. Gravity purifiers, UV water purifiers, and RO water purifiers are some of the water purification technologies. The growing scarcity of clean and fresh water resources, aging water infrastructure, and growing consumer awareness about clean drinking water are some of the important factors expected to propel the global water purifier market. 

Asia Pacific is predicted to be the largest market in the global water purifier market in the years to come. Water regulation initiatives taken by the governments of various nations have intensified the demand for various types of water purifiers. Industries are also taking efforts to avoid water-wastes and minimize water pollution.

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