Consideration Towards a Water-based Chemicals Industry

Published By : 23 Dec 2013 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The human activity makes a huge impact on the environment. The chemicals industry in particular is singled out for being associated with generation of large quantities of toxic waste products and high energy consumption.   

Therefore, as the chemical production continues to grow in the industry, both the economic and environmental pressures and various other growing regulatory constraints continue to increase. The primary concern in the chemical industry revolves around the widespread use of dangerous and powerful solvents. 

Aquachem, the EU-funded project was originally established to determine the substitution of harmful solvents with chemical catalytic processes. These processes are compatible with water-based media to offer young scientists a good exposure in the field. 

Italy’s National Research Council network allowed scientists who were at the start of their careers to conduct research at Europe’s famous top laboratories. This project included laboratories placed in France, UK, Spain, Israel, Germany, and Hungary. 

All these labs provided good training facilities and allowed the scientists to study and exchange their skills and vast knowledge in a broad range of areas scaling from stoichiometric reactivity, analyses of substrate activation, physico-chemical studies of complex-solvent interactions, to the improvement or development of analytical instrumentation. The results had more than 150 papers published in the conference proceedings and peer-reviewed journals with several books and dissertations. The project had filing of five patent applications too. 

Water is used a solvent and for Aquachem partners this element is used in a peculiar interest for green chemistry. Water is harmless, environmentally benign, and safe to use which makes it attractive and economical. 

The researchers at the network helped the EU chemical industry to advance the development of water-based chemicals and become more competitive in reducing the likely impacts that are caused to the environment because of potential harmful chemicals. 

Nonetheless, the Aquachem network completed its project in December 2007 and received about EUR 1.9 million in EU funding. 

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