Connecticut Continue to Develop their Construction Sector with Steady Job Opportunities

Published By : 20 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

While the construction industry in U.S. was struggling to find skilled workers to fill vacancies, companies in Connecticut were able to hire highly qualified workers. Since recession, in 2008, the construction industry in Connecticut grew by 8% last month, crossing the milestone of 70,000 jobs. Construction companies in only five states were able to hike job opportunities by a bigger margin. As per the data published by the Associated General Constructors of America, Connecticut leads the Northeast region of U.S., while Idaho dominated the whole of U.S., with a growth of 13%.

Connecticut led the construction market in U.S. in 2004 and the level of construction employment reached their expected landmark in 2009. Since February 2009, Connecticut marked the lowest % of unemployment in the construction industry. Labor department in Connecticut recorded the highest level of jobs since 2007. Jobs are always considered to be imperfect data points in a place, which is as small as the state of Connecticut. Builders find it easy to hire firms, which win with lesser bids and hire workers from around the regions. As per the head of the Connecticut Construction Industries Association, data regarding local jobs matches the real facts. 

According to Shubert, the chairman of the Connecticut Employment and Training Commission, the construction sector in the state is reaching to a level where the losses from downturn are being recovered. Residents of Danbury and Stamford can relax as they can expect growth in the number of jobs in the construction industry in coming few years. As per Connecticut Department of Labor, in 2014, wages and heavy construction trade in Connecticut reached $81,000, which is a hike by 7%.  

The positive thing about the construction industry in Connecticut is that, the state has required quality of raw materials and equipment to support the future construction projects.  
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