Concentrated Juice and Ready-to-drink Juice to Augment Global Infant Formula Market

Published By : 29 Feb 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

There were days when moms’ used to supplement breast milk with infant formula and baby drinks to their infants. But the varieties were limited, then. Today, leading players in the global infant formula market offer a wide variety of baby juices, infant formula, and baby drinks to provide the complete nutritional value to the kids. Since the last few years, the introduction of ready-to-drink juices and concentrated juices have been fascinating the parents. 

The global infant formula market has been augmented by the ready-to-drink juice segment and the concentrated juice segment. The rising inclination towards ready-to-drink products is predicted to further propel the global infant formula market in the years to come. In terms of comparison, the infant formula segment is expected to have higher demand than the baby juice segment in the coming few years. 

Busy life, the increasing pool of working women, and changing lifestyles have registered more demand for the new varieties of infant formula in the recent past. 

The Negative Points of New Infant Formula

  • Many baby juices are high in sugar content, making them a less popular choice among the pool of health conscious parents
  • Lack of availability of all varieties of infant formula is predicted to hamper the growth of the global infant formula market

The Positive Points of New Infant Formula

  • As baby drinks and infant formula offer more than the basic nutritional value, these products have become a popular choice among families.
  • Many baby drinks and infant formula act as a substitute for breast milk, thus giving them an added advantage.
  • Infant formula contains all nutrients that are required for a baby to grow and thrive.
  • The convenience of preparing baby drinks and infant formula, anywhere and anytime, makes them a popular choice.

Going forward, leading players in the global infant formula market are expected to introduce new varieties of ready-to-drink juice and concentrated juice to meet the changing tastes and demands. With a variety of ready-to-drink juice available in the global infant formula market, parents get the benefit to choose the best suitable one for their infants.

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