Comcast to Further Expand in the Gigabit Broadband Market

Published By : 23 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Comcast is making its presence felt in the global market for gigabit broadband. Recently, the firm declared that it would soon be offering its service of 2 Gbps in Florida that will reach a customer base of 1.3 million in the following areas: Jacksonville, West Palm, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. The service offered by Comcast that is based on the architecture of fiber-to-the-home, will be started in Florida in the first week of May 2015. 

The launch of the service is quite similar to the ones that took place in California and Atlanta. As per sources, the Gigabit Pro shall be reachable to any house that is situated close by to the fiber network of Comcast. This will also call for technicians to reach homes for the installation of the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) devices. This system of supplying the 2 Gbps service to homes in Florida seem like a new concept, however, a similar system of delivering till almost 10 Gbps service of the Ethernet had begun back in 2011. 

One of the most interesting points of observation post the launch of this system will be consumer response and most importantly the response of competitors in the overall market. The cable MSO has stated Florida as the 3rd market for the service of 2 Gbps that is being offered by it. The company in the beginning of April had introduced the Gigabit Pro in California as well as in Atlanta, which happen to be the two main markets wherein the company will go ahead with the services of Google Fiber and AT&T. 

Both these entities recently declared their respective plans of offering the FTTH service of 1 Gbps. Furthermore, Comcast even has plans of offering the fiber service of multi-gigabit via the program of Xfinity Communities. This serves the residents who live in apartment complexes and similar multidwelling units. 
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