Coffee Consumption in US Drops owing to Single-Serve Pods

Published By : 22 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Even though Americans are reportedly spending more money on coffee now more than ever, they will be drinking less of it for the first time in six years. The single serve revolution has seemingly changed the brewing habits of the United States, which is presently the largest coffee drinking country in the world. 

The consumption of coffee in the United States is predicted to drop to 23.7 million bags of 60 kg or 132.27 pounds each in the forthcoming season of 2015 to 2016. In the year that ends in September, the consumption of coffee stood at 24 million bags. This is the first such drop since 2009 2010, according to the biannual coffee report released by the United States Department of Agriculture on Friday.

The country will be the single nation among the top eight global coffee drinking ones to witness a drop in consumption. The overall worldwide demand rose by almost 2 million bags, reaching a total of 147.6 million bags.

The forecast released by the US Department of Agriculture in its report will upset roasters as well as traders since futures prices of arabica coffee continue to decline amid oversupply.

The report offers further evidence that the rousing popularity of single serve coffee pods has had a material impact on the demand for green coffee beans in the United States. Market participants said that the single serve coffee pods trend is led by K-Cups from Keurig Green Mountain.

Americans have been transitioning from ground coffee and traditional roast to single serve, they are now brewing only as much coffee as they intend on drinking. This in turn has reduced the amount of coffee thrown down the drain. 

Single serve coffee machines or brewers have not yet reached the same level of popularity outside the country as it has in the United States.
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