Coca Cola gets Stiff Competition from Domestic Players in India

Published By : 12 Oct 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Earlier in 2015, Dabur unveiled its extension of the digestive brand Hajmola Yoodley to be launched in six different flavors. Marketing head of foods at Dabur Sanjay Singhal said that the Real line of Dabur products accounts for a massive 60 per cent of the overall nectar and juice market. He further said that the when it comes to ethnic flavored beverages, the organized market makes up for only a small portion of the overall industry, amounting to INR 150 crore. However, this segment has been developing at double digits. 

Hector Beverages, the maker of Paperboat drinks, came into being in 2011 and is currently valued at more than US$ 100 million. Chief executive officer and founder of Paperboat Neeraj Kakkar says that the target audience of the beverage is the corporate executive sitting in Mumbai, who wishes for ‘kanji’ that her grandmother used to make in Hisar. The target is also the lawyer based in Bengaluru, who misses ‘sattu’ from his native village of Dharbhanga. 

The carbonated drinks segment in India accounts for an astounding 82 per cent of the overall beverage market. Local beverage makers are scattered across West and North India in industrial towns and co-exist with giant cola companies with minimal branding. In South India, players such as Varadharaja Foods Pvt Ltd in Salem, Tamil Nadu and Jagdale Foods in Hubli, Bengaluru, and Mangalore hold a strong market. 

In this segment, Manpasand Beverages is the largest contender and has reached out to the IPO market to raise INR 400 crore by issuing a fresh set of shares. A few months ago, SBS Prince Beverages created a buzz in the country’s beverages industry with their AAP cola bottle. The 400ml bottle was sold at INR 15, compared to a bottle of Coke or Pepsi, which was being sold at INR 30 for the same quantity. 

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