Coca Cola Expands in Breakfast Beverage Segment

Published By : 14 Jul 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Soft drink manufacturer Coca Cola has been raising eyebrows of health conscious consumers for long. The beverage manufacturer, along with other soft drink manufacturers has been blamed for the rising prevalence of obesity across the globe. As a result, Coca Cola has been expanding its business across new avenues. The implementation of soda tax across a number of countries such as Mexico has been detrimental towards the growth of the company. Regulatory bodies such as the WHO have also related the association between the consumption of sugary soda drinks and the growing prevalence of obesity and diabetes. 

Coca Cola to Sell Coffee Beans in Brazil

The world’s largest soft drinks producer is expanding across the niche segment of breakfast beverages. As a strategic move, the company is planning to sell packaged Arabica coffee beans to its customers in Brazil. The Atlanta-based company is partnering with a local tea brand in Brazil to sell packaged beans in the country. According to the company’s Brazil unit, Coca Cola is seeking diversification in its portfolio and the expansion into the breakfast beverages segment is a calculated decision on the behalf of the company. 

It is interesting to note that Coca Cola has been expanding into beverages other than soft drinks including mineral water, juice, and tea since a decade. Further diversification might be helpful in increasing the company’s revenue amid the rising implementation of soda tax across countries.

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