Cloudflare drops Security of neo-Nazi Site, Daily Stormer

Published By : 18 Aug 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A neo-Nazi website that belittled a woman who lost her life at the Charlottesville protests has faced an extreme way of being rejected by web companies. The account of Daily Stormer with Cloudflare which protects the site from DDoS or distributed denial of service has been pulled off. In a company email, Metthew Prince, the Chief Executive of Cloudflare said that it was enough and further added that he felt disputed over his decision. He woke up with rage and decided henceforth that nobody should have that kind of power.

What was the fuss all about initially?

The Daily Stormer on Sunday had published an article which denigrated the 32 Heather Heyer who was killed during the Charlotteseville protests after a car smashed into the crowd of protestors. This further resulted in a backlash leading the site to switch the registrars of its domain name twice within 24 hours after both Google and GoDaddy denied it with further service provision. It was Cloudflare’s turn then. The services provided by Cloudflare involves managing web subscribers requests to view a particular website and then filter out the ones which appear to have been received from systems that were meant to overload the website.

Mr. Prince stated that once the site was left open and vulnerable to DDoS attacks, it would be a vigilante justice then. Earlier this week, the Daily Stormer was also listed as a website on the dark web and after that relocated its transparent web existence to a Russian domain name. 

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