Clinc’s Voice AI System to Replace Humans in Drive-Through Restaurants

Published By : 31 Aug 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Clinc is reportedly building a new voice AI system that will be used to replace humans in drive-through restaurants. The company is expanding its reach and making its presence felt in new verticals, particularly in conversational artificial intelligence.

More Insights into Clinc’s Voice AI System

The Ann Arbor-based company aims to provide a voice assistant technology in the drive-through windows of popular restaurants and fast-food joints such as McDonald’s and Taco Bell. With the system, a person can order food with more efficiency than the times when they need to place their order with a human patron standing behind the drive through window. Consumers can also voice out changes in their orders as well as ask any other related questions. And the machine will not only be equipped to take down consumers’ order properly, but also answer all of their questions thoroughly. Clinc’s platform allows programmers to drag and drop a restaurant’s menu to add items to the voice service. This menu can then be accessed by consumers, so that they can chose their options.

This is the company’s second implementation of its AI system, which is further expected to evolve even more in the future. The company had started with a solution for fintech and currently has contracts with major banks such as USAA, Barclays, and S&P Global. In most cases, when integrated into the bank’s system, Clinc’s technology emulates human intelligence, and can interpret unstructured and unconstrained speech. The company’s idea is to let users converse with their bank account using natural language without pre-defined templates or hierarchical voice menus. Clinc was founded by professors from the University of Michigan - Dr. Jason Mars, Dr. Johann Hauswald, Dr. Lingjia Tang, and Dr. Michael Laurenzano.

From an overall perspective, the way by which drive-through orders work will now change dramatically with the introduction of Clinc’s AI system.

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