Clemson University and NREL to work on Wind Energy Testing

Published By : 11 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In a CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement), NREL, the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory along with Clemson University are to share their resources in development and operation of testing facilities. Furthermore, the CRADA mentions the exchange of staff for research and development and training purposes. This includes a partnership participation in testing activity and facility commissioning.

This collaboration targets to support the wind energy industry to enhance the performance of wind energy turbines via drivetrains and better evaluation of two turbines can integrate even more effectively with the electrical grid.

According to the acting center director based at NREL’s NWTC (National Wind Technology Center), Brian Smith, their collaboration with Clemson University is a fine example of how a university and a large national laboratory can work in unison. He further stated that this collaborative effort of the two research firms will help to complement each other for large scale deployment and technical advancement of wind and hydro power.

NREL after receiving support from the Wind Program of DOE and Renewable Energy is expected to the lead the way in developing personalized facilities and capabilities will enable testing of full scale wind turbine integrated drivetrain systems that are in accordance with the needs of the wind market. Additionally, NREL at present operates 2.5 megawatts and 5 megawatts dynamometers and a grid simulator that can help the engineers involved in this project to better evaluate how wind turbine can react to grid disturbances.

This project is supported by a DOE investment worth US$45.6 million, a cost that is matched with around US$70 million in funds. The university at present operates a drivetrain facility of 7.5 megawatts and 15 megawatts dynamometers and also has a 20 MVA power grid simulator.
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