Cleantech-as-a-Service Propels Renewable Energy Adoption

Published By : 18 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Cleantech-as-a-service was the leading theme with experts evaluating on the importance of the big data, cloud-computing, and IoT in the adoption of renewable energy.

Ever since the beginning the energy industry has worked like a king. But with every passing day more and more companies and people are becoming aware about the renewable energy wielded with the power of the sun, water, and wind. Hence, the traditional model is fading with power grid concept.   

Decentralizing is the key to adoption of renewable energy sources. This is why Cleantech Meets the Cloud: The Emergence of Cleantech-as-a-Service was introduced. Following to this there are three major trends including the personalization of energy, the data explosion, and the change from centralize to decentralize.  

This simply means there is a turning of the model in vision ahead. There can be an opportunity for investors, startups, and tech companies operating in the Internet of Things and big data. 

The Cleantech Group offers services such as water management, electric vehicles, and renewable energy and also has a web-based platform known as i3 that helps investors and corporations to connect.  

The CEO of Bloom Energy also discussed the significance of personalized energy and how it helps to meet the turning cleantech industry into a service industry. Such a solution is the key to the industry as people have not had much connection and business with their energy usage. 

The cleantech industry activities are similar to the growth of software-as-a-service as well as the mobile phone industry. It offers differentiation, which means driving efficiency. Saving money and doing things efficiently is the bottom line. The customer needs and environment needs are aligned too and works out to be a powerful model, he added.  

This model is similar to the solar power in California that has worked out to be 20% cheaper than any other traditional power grid. It is also about the sensors and tools used in various sectors. Ranging from oil and gas to agriculture and renewable energy – data collection activities have always been around in every energy industry.

Now with the IoT further in vision, the energy industry has incredible opportunities in store for the future. 
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